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Who we are

We are Southeast Michigan's  fastest growing dance troupe. Our instructors care about you learning proper technique while having fun. Please join us and celebrate the beauty of this dance. Belly Dance is for all sizes, shapes, ages & genders.  Come learn the expressive, emotional, and liberating art of belly dance at 7 Moons Belly Dance. Practice loving yourself in a safe environment, body acceptance & celebrate what makes you uniquely you in a warm and welcoming environment. Yes, we are allies who lift each other up. YOU MATTER and yes YOU are WELCOME here.

We are located at 15923 Angelo Drive in Macomb Michigan.  Each one of us has a minimum of 10 years into their journey. We ARE a Raqs Sharqi Dance troupe. What that means is that we dance to classic and modern Arabic music. The occasional Western hemisphere song could pop up from time to time but understand that is not where our goal is. We strive in maintaining the integrity of the culture of the dance which we are honored to learn.

We offer opportunities for you to perform should you choose as well as do this just for fun. It's your journey, we want you to take it to the level you're most comfortable with. 

Dedication to each other

We maintain a high value of each other's time and energy. We are dedicated to our art.  We are dedicated to respecting the style, culture, history and performances of the dance.  We foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexity, diversity, and beauty of Middle Eastern dance forms. Our goal is to have fun, while being respective to our art on and off the stage. For many of us, we are not born into the culture we are representing. For that, we strive to be aware of the diversities that make up this dance and share our knowledge while performing.

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