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7 Moons Belly Dance Troupe 

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Membership of the Troupe is by invitation only.  

If you are an experienced dancer interested in joining a friendly group that perform at haflas, nursing homes, and various events throughout the year, the first step to joining us is to attend the Thursday evening class.    

7 Moons dancers range at a more advanced level with the expectation of a year minimum of training before joining the troupe. Those who are brand new students of belly dance are welcome to join the student troupe for their first year.  We welcome all ages and genders. The requirement to participate in the troupe is to be currently registered as a belly dance student of Samira's in the advanced class, you must own 1 Cabaret costume, a veil, cane, zills, and beladi costume. 

Our preferred style of dance is Raqs Sharqi, Raqs Beladi, Folkloric/Regional, Orientale/Cabaret (also called 'Classic'). We do not dance to any Western music. Living in Southeast Michigan, we have 11% of the world's population of MENA(Middle East North Africa) people. We do our best to represent the community who know and love the dance from their Motherland. We do not do any ATS, or ITS.   


Troupe expectations - This is VERY IMPORTANT- PLEASE READ

Agenda for Practices: Warm-up, drill, and polish choreography, organize our outfits, and attend to other details for the upcoming events.  Practices last 1 to 3 hours.  There is no charge for current students, however, dancers must be committed to performing in the upcoming event(s) for which we are preparing. We are to respect each other's time, effort, and energy. 

Not showing up to practice and not putting in the time at practices could result in you not being able to perform. It is your responsibility if you miss a practice to find out what you missed, including any changes in a choreography.

There is a cloud drive for troupe members only to access and catch up on recordings of the dances and written instructions of the steps if you missed anything. 


Performances require the purchase or creation of outfits.  Because each person has unique facets, look-a-like or similar outfits are acceptable.  Each person will wear appropriate fitting, flattering, individualized costumes according to their preferences.  We strive for cultural continuity, color coordination, and item coordination. We are ok with not exact replication, however, let's keep it in the ballpark.

You are required to have your props for a performance based on the needs of the choreographer.   

We focus on doing the right thing. 

We honor and respect the time, creativity, and energy of each one of us that are dedicated to our art. All choreographs we perform belong to 7 Moons Belly Dance and are NOT to be shared. If you would like to use one of our dances, kindly ask for permission. Chances are, we will allow it with proper credit to be given as we would do the same for you. 

Lastly, DRAMA. There will be none of it.  We are a group. We are one. We are equal. Everyone gets stage time. We HELP each other out.  We are adults. We are here to get along with each other, take what we do seriously, and have fun while doing it. Dismissal from the troupe will result if we see any drama going on.  

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